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Why Battery Storage

This technology has turned to be significant as it accelerates the shifting of fossil fuels to renewable energy.

The battery storage systems allow their consumers to set aside extra solar power to use at the hour of need.

The relation between Green energy supplies and electricity needs is carried out with a battery storage system.

This lessens dependence on coal-fired generators which means most of the energy used would be green.


Battery Storage Rebate In Victoria

Storage battery installation causes to save up to $640 a year. To encourage the use of energy-saving solar battery storage and its installation, solar Victoria is offering a battery storage rebate of up to $3500 to eligible Victoria households. Eligible applicants can apply for the Solar Victoria Rebate only once. However, this rebate program doesn’t offer interest-free loans on solar battery storage.

There are also eligibility criteria to apply for the solar battery storage rebate program. Rebate will be claimed by your solar retailer and the amount of rebate will be deducted from the total cost of battery storage and installation process. Furthermore, if you want to check more information regarding this, click on the below-mentioned link;

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